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West Bend Cocktail Shaker Set w/Bklt Outstanding Cocktail Shaker Set with Bakelite & original 1934 Booklet... Product #: 0318-9 Regular price: $315.00 $315.00

West Bend Cocktail Shaker Set w/Bklt

This rare American Art Deco cocktail shaker set was designed by Ralph N. Kircher for the West Bend Aluminum Company, West Bend, Wisconsin in 1934. The Shaker has a chrome body with top and bottom rings of knurled black Bakelite and an aluminum cap with a red Bakelite finial. The base is marked "WB" in a circle.  There are 4 cocktail tumblers, the tray & the original booklet (Tipple Tips) .  The set is in excellent used condition. The Shaker is 12" tall & the tray almost 12" wide. A tremendous looking red Bakelite piece adorns the top.
CONDITION: Excellent used condition.