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Maryland Pattern Heisey Cobel Cocktail Shaker

Exquisite Heisey Cocktail Shaker...Classic !


'38 Bel Geddes Soda King Syphon

Norman Bel Geddes Designed Coxcktail Soda Syphon


Sewing Kit Cocktail Shaker Collection

Collection of Cocktail Shaker Shaped Sewing Kits


1937 Ruby Lady's Leg Cocktail Shaker

Iconic Lady's Leg w/Cocktail Slipper Cocktail Shaker


Frosted Bottoms Up Cup McKee 1930's

McKee Frosted Bottoms Up Cup 1930's


Handpainted Cambridge Cocktail Shaker

All Glass Handpainted Cambridge Cocktil Shaker


Farber Bakelite/Chrome Deco Cocktail Shaker

Farber Bakelite & Chrome 1930's Cocktail Shaker