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'30's Cambridge Cocktail Shaker w/Handle

Cambridge Majestic Cocktail Shaker


Buenilum Aluminum Industrial COCKTAIL Shaker

Industrial Buenilum Cocktail Shaker


Manning Bowman 1930's Connoisseur Cocktail Shaker

Mannin Bowman Cocktail Shaker - Visakay page 62.


Ribbed Design Cobalt Cocktail Shaker

Ribbed Cobalt Blue Cocktail Shaker


Maryland Pattern Heisey Cobel Cocktail Shaker

Exquisite Heisey Cocktail Shaker...Classic !


SOLINGEN Martini Lighter

Martini-Shaped Cigarette Lighter


'38 Bel Geddes Soda King Syphon

Norman Bel Geddes Designed Coxcktail Soda Syphon


Marksman (Golfer) Cocktai measure / Jigger

1950's Jigger/Measure from Marksman


Harris-Dunn Bakelite Mini-Bar w/ Cocktail Picks

Bakelite Mini-Bar with Cocktail Picks


Sewing Kit Cocktail Shaker Collection

Collection of Cocktail Shaker Shaped Sewing Kits


1937 Ruby Lady's Leg Cocktail Shaker

Iconic Lady's Leg w/Cocktail Slipper Cocktail Shaker


Manning Bowman Cocktail Tray Bakelite Handles

Deco Manning Bowman Tray - Bakelite handles.