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1937 Ruby Lady's Leg Cocktail Shaker

Product Code: 0718-3

Price: $1,150.00

The famous 1937 Derby Lady’s Leg cocktail shaker is presented elegant, ruby glass. The top and silver slipper were manufactured by the Derby Shelton Silver co. The Glass Lady's Leg was produced by West Virginia Specialty Glass Co. Widely recognized as one of the most rare and desired shakers from this period! It is marked with the Patent No. 2091604.

The leg has a curvy pin up shape. “She” wears a 1930’s style silver dancing sandal with a perfect cuban heel and working buckle. (Yes, you can take her shoe off.) It features a chromium cap and strainer with air spout for easy pouring of your top-shelf classic cocktails. It measures 15 1/2″ high.

The silver designs on the sides of the leg show wear as is usual with this shaker.