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Red & White Sailboat Cocktail Tray

Red sky - sailboat cocktail tray.


1950's Vermouth Dropper Orig. Box

Original Box with this 1950's Vermouth Dropper - Perfect Martini.


English Set of 8 Muddlers w/ Red Bakelite

Red Bakelite tipped set of 8 muddlers



'38 Bel Geddes Soda King Syphon

Norman Bel Geddes Designed Coxcktail Soda Syphon


Sewing Kit Cocktail Shaker Collection

Collection of Cocktail Shaker Shaped Sewing Kits


Manning Bowman Cocktail Tray Bakelite Handles

Deco Manning Bowman Tray - Bakelite handles.


Frosted Bottoms Up Cup McKee 1930's

McKee Frosted Bottoms Up Cup 1930's