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Prohibition Themes

Prohibition started serious manufacture of Cocktail Shakers & the Repeal set production at a wild level. Every household had at least 1 Cocktail Shaker & many reflected the Cocktail culture of The Jazz Age. Let the celebration continue.

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1930's Penguin Cocktail Shaker

There are three major Penguin Cocktail Shakers.


Harris-Dunn Bakelite Mini-Bar & Picks

Bakelite Mini-Bar with Bottle Cocktail Picks.


Physician/Pharmacist Fun Cocktail Shaker

Cocktail Shaker for your favorite Physician or Pharmacist. 10"- 32 Oz. Faux prescription theme.


Caramel Bottoms Up Cup McKee 1930's

1930's McKee "Bottom's Up" Cocktail Cup


Vintage Cocktail Shaker Set - Intimate Holidays

"You", "Me", "Ours" cocktail shaker set for weddings, anniversaries, Valentine's Day...


Two Typsies Hanging to Lightpost

Dunbar Glass Co. Cocktail Shaker Set Inebriants


1930's LARGE Frosted Cocktail Shaker W/Recipes

Frosted Cocktail Shaker with 9 nostalgic Recipes


Brrrr! Polar Bear Cocktail Shaker Set

6 Piece 1930's Polar bears Cocktail Set.


Pre-WWII Golfer Cocktail Shaker

Two Vintage Golfers on a frosted Cocktail Shaker body.


HA Speed Stripes Cocktail Shaker Set

Hazel Atlas Speed Stripes Cocktail Shaker 8 piece Set